Find the code! Pirate Island

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  • to be filled with contents of choice
  • treasure chest with resettable combination lock for a new puzzle-solving adventure each time
  • riddles without words at three difficulty levels
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Players embark on an exciting pirate treasure hunt and find a padlocked treasure chest. To crack the combination, they must cooperate to piece the jigsaw treasure map together, solve the riddles on the riddle card and move the wooden figure the correct number of squares in order to open the valuable treasure chest.
1 Treasure Chest, 1 Combination Lock, 1 Riddle Box, 1 Folder, 12 Riddle Cards, 9 Jigsaw Pieces (combine to make a Treasure Map), 1 Small Wooden Figure, 1 Rulebook.
1. Preparation: Select riddle card with the desired level of difficulty. Set the combination lock with the three-digit code shown. Fill the treasure chest as you wish and secure it with the combination lock. Hide the treasure chest and puzzle box.
2. Start the treasure hunt. Search for the treasure chest and puzzle box (including puzzle card, wooden figure and nine puzzle pieces).
3. Cracking the number code: Fit the puzzle pieces together to form a treasure map, place the wooden figure on the starting square and work together to solve the three riddles on the puzzle card. The solutions reveal how many squares the wooden figure moves. Each square which the figure lands on will show one digit of the number code.
4. Turn the wheels on the lock so that they show the number code, open the lock and box. Congratulations, the treasure is yours!
Authors: Antje Gleichmann
Kai Haferkamp
Illustrators: Stephanie Böhm
Game type: puzzle game
Game instructions language: English
Warnings: Warning. Not suitable for children under 3 years. Small parts. Choking risk.
Number of players up to: 6 persons
Game duration from: 20 min
Number of players from: 1 persons
Age to: 10 years
Age from: 5 years
Material: Cardboard, Beech, Tinplate
Item no. 304839