Happy Birthday: Monza is turning 20!


The classic HABA racing game is speeding full throttle toward its anniversary

The motors are humming. Every now and again a foot nervously taps on the accelerator. The starting flag flutters expectantly. The top racers of all time stand wheel-to-wheel in their starting positions. Who will be the one true champion this time?

Monza – from the initial idea to hit game


Monza, the speedy color race is Europe’s best-selling car racing game. For 20 years the HABA children’s game has been guaranteeing speedy action and playing fun for the whole family. And it’s no wonder, as even just the game material gets hearts racing. The play figures are six colored wooden racecars. The game board is a racetrack that promises plenty of excitement. Only players who roll the right colors and combine them cleverly will move forward quickly! Tactics and strategy are in high demand. Which track is the right one and when is it worth overtaking? One thing is certain – the first player to cross the finishing line wins.

“The varying field lengths and the parallel racetracks with different, or sometimes the same, colors make an important contribution to the fun,” explains Jürgen P. K. Grunau, Game Designer for Monza. “I tested quite a few different options to find the right racetrack before presenting the idea to HABA, my first choice of publisher, who immediately accepted it.” 

Racing games have always fascinated the Game Designer and he toyed with the question of how to create a fun new type of racing game. The idea itself came quickly, as a combination of car race and dice game. “I decided that the dice should show numbers or colors, but I’d already done something with numbers so I used colors. The rest happened fast,” remembers Jürgen P. K. Grunau. Just 30 minutes later the starter’s flag waved for Monza.

About the Game Designer


Jürgen P.K. Grunau has been creating games for 30 years and as a sole game designer and co-designer in the “Krag-Team” with Wolfgang Kramer and Hans Raggan can look back on more than 40 publications. His main focus is games where the game idea is intuitive and easy to understand making them easy to pick up and start playing right away. As well as Monza, the game “Laying FIVES” also fits into this category perfectly.

The special anniversary edition


In the 20th anniversary edition of the cool racing game classic from HABA, the same rules apply – only players who cleverly combine the colors they roll have a chance of winning the trophy! The special edition comes with two racetrack variants – a shorter circuit for racing beginners and a long, winding course for racing pros. Additional acceleration tiles let players pick up even more speed. This opens up additional tactical options as the use of acceleration tiles needs to be carefully planned! Game Designer Jürgen P. K. Grunau says “I welcome this expansion as it expands the target group from children to the entire family.”


Monza #4416

Monza is available in the following languages: German, French, Finnish, Polish, Spanish, Greek, Swedish, Euskara and Chinese.

Monza 20th Anniversary edition #305850

The Monza 20th Anniversary edition is available in the following languages: German, English, French, Dutch and Spanish.