Environmental awareness


HABA takes environmental protection very seriously in all aspects of its business, whether it be in material selection, supply routes, production methods, building technology, or in everyday work.

Minimal environmental impact

Conserving natural resources and minimizing our environmental impact is of utmost importance to us when selecting materials and determining the right production methods. The PEFC label, for example, which all our wooden toys carry since 2010, is a testament to this commitment. All beech and birch wood used in our production comes from sustainable forestry. By only utlizing wood from sustainable forestry, we help preserve the ecological balance of our planet’s forests and do our part in improving sustainable forestry practices.
We are also continuously optimizing our production processes, including the use of eco-friendly production techniques and modern technologies. The amount of resources used in production and emissions and waste produced are also rigorously monitored and analyzed. We also employ modern energy management and optimize our machines and facilities to align with ecological factors. As early as 1999 HABA was the first German toy manufacturer to comply with EMAS and has been committed ever since to sustainable environmental management according to DIN ISO 14001.

Ecological building services engineering

Recycling of wood residues, utilization of rain water and solar energy, green roofs, implementation of ecological standards in new construction projects—the list of measures taken to minimize our environmental impact is long. And all these environmental policies affect all members of the HABA family of companies—we’re all in it together striving for the same goals. Complying with the manifold environmental protection laws and standards is not a burden to us, rather a shared way of life.


Environmental protection is regional animal protection

Environmental protection is also exercised by protecting the animals of the region. The HABA  family of companies has many tall buildings such as silos for wood chips and a high-bay warehouse on its site in Bad Rodach. We have built birdhouses on the property, which are frequently used every year by kestrels, swifts and other birds. Also, the hedges, which surround the parking lots, provide an optimal habitat for smaller species of birds and many other animals. In total, HABA offers haven to 24 different species of birds, helping protect the animals of the region.