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Window Film Fröbel "Geometric Shapes"


  • Fröbel thought: Fröbels 7th and 8th Gift as a window film
  • fosters understanding of aesthetics, symmetry, and geometry
  • shows how new shapes develop from different ones
  • encourages assembly of beautiful patterns, pictures, and motifs from everyday life
More details

Product details

Fröbel's Gifts as a window decoration with learning effect, newly interpreted: Choose template and assemble motif. Motifs can also be freely assembled without a template. The shapes stick on both sides on all smooth surfaces and are smudge-proof and reusable.

Contents: for approx. 18 motifs.
21 adhesive cutouts with geometric shapes, 6 motif templates, stamped, instructions. Dimensions: hexagon approx. 7 x 6 cm. Level of difficulty: easy.