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  • 54-piece game with lots of playing ideas in the instructions featuring detailed illustrations
  • sturdy wooden house, easy-to-grip figures
  • stimulates three-dimensional spatial conception
  • trains the vocabulary, especially prepositions
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Product details

Where is the house? Is the man standing in front of it or behind it? And is the cat sitting in the grass or on the roof? This game is all about three-dimensional orientation. 40 cards show two-dimensional scenes which have to be recreated using the wooden house and the wooden figures on the screened wooden board. For self-checking, the solution is on the back of the card.

Contents: 54 pieces.
1 base plate, 44 x 44 cm, 2 changeable walls, W 44 x H 20 cm, 1 interlocking house, 9 wooden figures (dimensions for comparison: cow W 8 x H 5.7 x D 2 cm), 40 template cards in 3 levels of difficulty, 1 set of instructions.