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  • 48-piece pegging and matching game that stimulates the senses
  • teaches the first basic math
  • trains logical thinking as well as color perception and color naming
  • stimulates language ability
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Product details

This pegging game makes math fun: build rows, order quantities, sort colors, match motifs to the sheets, small adding and subtracting exercises. It's all really easy with these thick, extra-large figures made of wood! The pieces can be placed freely by using the wooden boards without the sheets.


4 peg boards (approx. 64 x 15cm), 4 different, printed preplug sheets, 40 wooden pegs (6 colours, 4 motifs).

Contents: 48 pieces.
4 peg boards (approx. 64 x 15 cm), 4 differently printed pre-plug sheets, 40 wooden pegs (6 colors, 4 motifs).