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Set: Fruit Basket + Veggie Box


Set: Fruit Basket + Veggie Box

Product details

Game collection that is rich in vitamins and variants

It’s all about well-known types of fruit and vegetables here. For each fruit or vegetable there are one or two photos, one color picture and one black and white picture. On some of the photos, the fruit or vegetable is shown cut up. The cards can be matched based on various criteria: two of the same photo, a photo and the matching picture, a photo and cut-up fruit, color, etc. The black and white pictures can be used as copy templates for pictures to be colored in. The skills learned can be applied in everyday life.


Contents per game collection: 51 photo cards, 21 colored and 21 black-and-white graphic cards, 5 puzzles with 2-6 pieces.

Contents per games collection: 51 photo cards, 21 color picture cards and 21 black and white picture cards, 5 puzzles with 2 to 6 pieces and 1 booklet with game suggestions. Card format: 9 x 9 cm.