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  • extensive playing set with more than 200 parts
  • level of difficulty, length of the game and tasks can be adjusted individually
  • trains sensory perception in a variety of ways
  • fosters attention and concentration
More details

Product details

The varied games collection encourages and requires tactile, visual, auditory, olfactory and gustatory sensory impressions. The action cards and materials can be chosen individually, depending on the age, number and skills of the players, length of the game required, intended learning content and development objectives. The instructions contain the rules of the game, tasks and game suggestions.

Contents: 99 action cards, 9 wooden shape pairs, 12 cans with screw-on lids, 12 touch cylinders (5 pairs with different materials, 2 wooden cylinders), 1 packet of glass marbles, 10 wooden discs, 1 touch cloth, 2 large, 5 medium and 10 small touch bags, coloured rods (10 each in red, yellow, green and blue), 1 counter, 1 egg timer, 2 dice. 

Contents: 212 pieces.
99 action cards, 9 shape pairs in wood, 12 tin cans, 10 sensory cylinders (5 pairs with different materials), 1 pack of glass marbles, 10 wooden discs, 1 sensory cloth, 2 large, 5 medium, 10 small sensory sacks, 10 each red, yellow, green and blue colored sticks, 1 play figure, 1 hourglass, 2 dice – all in a robust wooden box with a sliding lid.