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Pin Board


  • therapy peg board with extensive accessories
  • fosters fine motor skills and grasping motor skills through various finger and hand exercises
  • individually adjustable to the needs and abilities of the players
  • trains visual and spatial perception
More details

Product details

The multi-functional therapy peg board offers varied and playful application possibilities for practicing various finger and hand movements. It has different grid holes on both sides and extremely extensive pegging accessories. With suggested exercises for two- and three-finger gripping, finger and hand strength, and visual perception.

Contents: 311 pieces.
1 peg board with grid holes on both sides (approx. 29 x 29 cm), 36 rods (Ø 2 cm, L 10 cm), 128 pegs – 32 in each color (Ø 8 mm, L 50 mm), 24 wooden pins – 6 in each color (Ø 4 mm, L 50 mm), 200 metal pins (Ø 4 mm, L 32 mm), 1 set of colored rubber bands (3 x 3 cm, various thicknesses and colors), 1 die, 1 solitaire board (approx. 29 x 29 cm), 4 colored boards for the "Throw it out game", 14 templates for pattern and shape stretching.