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Learning Concepts

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Humans have a natural inquisitiveness about the world. For children, everything they come across is fundamentally interesting and exciting. Early Years education is about capturing and building on children‘s curiosity and enthusiasm for learning new things.

Use our Learning Concepts developed with experts in the field to teach children the fundamentals about shapes, surfaces, patterns, and numbers. A wide range of resources develop their working memory, cognitive flexibility, and impulse control. Children are then ready for learning ... and for life, as they will need these core skills in many different situations


Social and emotional with Feelix & Fay

The educational game series Feelix & Fay helps educators and children to explore the world of emotions and prosocial behavior. The materials have been developed in collaboration with experts in the field and are highly appealing and stimulating. The series uses empathetic, imaginative play to develop different aspects of social and emotional competences.

Getting into Shape for the Future

Fröbel‘s “Gifts" are both simple and sophisticated at the same time 

Willy’s World of Numbers

Holistic Learning Concept for Early Mathematical Understanding

FEX - fostering executive functions

Children in control of themselves - Fostering executive functions

Learn about the digital world

DigitalStarter: introduces children to the exciting digital world.