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  • 136 picture cards for training visual and auditory perception
  • with chest of drawers made of sturdy cardboard and detailed instructions
  • fosters vocabulary, cognition, development of reading and writing
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Product details

What belongs together? Picture cards on a specific topic are placed in each of the 6 compartments of the language lab. The cards can be arranged according to different criteria: opposites, similarities, chronological order, understanding of spatial positioning (prepositions), or affinities. Each topic can be worked out differently: by speaking, listening, reading, writing, or movements. Playable alone, in pairs, or in groups. The instructions explain individual exercises and possible variations.

Contents: 136 picture cards (6 x 6 cm), arranging boards, 1 set of instructions. Material: Picture cards and chest of drawers made of sturdy cardboard. Dimensions: W 36 x H 12 x D 17.6 cm.