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Fostering Vital Skills Holistically

Areas of Development in Early Years Education

Motor Skills & Coordination

Get to know the body and challenge it.

Perception & Cognition

Discover the world with all the senses and process impressions.

STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Discover, marvel, and understand how things work.

Language & Communication

Communicate with each other.

Social &
Emotional Skills

Understand feelings and effectively negotiate interests with each other.


Design and find new ways.

The aim of early childhood education is to support children comprehensively and to inspire them to learn and discover independently. Children are accompanied in this process by educational specialists. Logically arranged development areas offer them structure and guidance in the planning of activities and projects, and help to convey complex topics in an age- and development-appropriate way.

In practice, the areas of development cannot be so clearly distinguished from each other. Almost all activities in everyday preschool and childcare life promote skills that can be categorized within different areas. This means that movement activities are beneficial to motor skills and coordination as well as perception and cognition. The promotion of social and emotional skills is closely linked to language skills. Experiments and observations in the STEM fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics appeal to curious children who like to measure, count, arrange, and compate.