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Golf Sheet Activity


  • sophisticated dexterity game with balls of 2 different sizes
  • encourages concentration, perseverance and movement coordination
  • suitable as a group game for up to 8 players
More details

Product details

In this game, the balls are holed out not with a golf club but rather through teamwork. The cloth has 4 holes in 2 sizes (Ø 6.5 cm and Ø 7.5 cm) and 2 border colors. The aim is to maneuver the two different sized balls (Ø 5 cm and Ø 6.2 cm) into the matching holes. It can also be used for parachute games. The enclosed instructions include many game ideas from easy to difficult. Includes 2 blue (Ø 5 cm) and 2 red balls (Ø 6.2 cm).

Material: durable outdoor fabric. Only wipe off surface. Dimensions: 143 x 253 cm.