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Fröbel Play Carpet


  • inspires creative building
  • basic symmetrical pattern creates structure and direction
  • different patterns in rainbow colors can be used as building templates
  • thick carpet with anti-slip backing
  • helps to develop spatial orientation, faculty of abstraction
More details

Product details

This thick, high-quality carpet with cheerful, rainbow-colored pictures makes construction a lot of fun. Different Fröbel shapes – items from daily life such as a house, butterfly, or apple – are used as a construction pattern. The practical, 5 x 5 cm square grid matches the Fröbel "Dice" Construction Set (item no 158517) and the Fröbel Maxi Placing Material (item no 379244). Placing and stacking pieces in the basic symmetrical pattern reflects Fröbel's traditional Forms of Beauty, Forms of Life, and Forms of Knowledge.

Material: polyester, latex (anti-slip backing), linked edging. Dimensions: Ø 3 m.