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Fröbel "Maxi" Placing Material


  • extra-large format for younger children
  • attractive, high-quality materials in sturdy sorting box
  • for forming numerous and varied shapes, quantities, and patterns in the 3 Fröbel categories: forms of Beauty, Forms of Life, and Forms of Knowledge
  • teaches the fundamentals of geometry, symmetry, and mathematics, hand-eye coordination, and faculty of abstraction through play
More details

Product details

The "Maxi" Placing Material is clearly arranged in a high-quality materials box and includes the following shapes: arches, triangles, semicircles, rhombuses, rectangles, rings, disks, hexagons, rods, trapeziums and squares. Designed in Fröbel's rainbow colors. Shapes are based on Fröbel's recommended placing materials, with standard edge lengths (5 cm). This uniform shape makes it easy to create lots of different patterns. The material can also be sorted by color or shape, and used to create and partition shapes and quantities. Ideal when combined with the Fröbel Construction Carpet (item no 377828).

Contents: 588 pieces.
Material: Wood. Dimensions: Sorting box L 52 x W 38 x H 10 cm, ring Ø large 11 cm, medium 8 cm, thickness of pieces 6 mm.