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Fröbel "Animals" Fold-Cut


  • Fröbel thought: - fosters understanding of symmetry and color effect (complementary color contrast)
  • trains fine motor skills and visual perception
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Product details

With this crafting set, cool animal motif cards emerge in vibrant complementary color contrasts. Simply cut out the half fold-cut motif from the printed construction paper and glue the individual pieces according to the instructions onto the photo card of the corresponding complementary color. Exciting new motifs and color effects result from assembling the half motifs and folding them over.

Contents: for 9 folding cards.
9 construction paper cutouts in 6 colors, printed (motifs: fish, bug, butterfly), 9 photo card cutouts in 3 colors, printed. Instructions. Dimensions: finished card L 17.5 x W 25 cm. Level of difficulty: easy.