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Fex – Tiger Has Clown Fish


  • helps to develop working memory, cognitive flexibility, creativity, and vocabulary
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What do a tiger and a clown fish have in common? It's simple: stripes! In this Fex game, the aim is work out what the animals have in common, remember it, and transfer it to other animals. It's not just an exciting memory challenge. It also requires creativity, a good vocabulary, and cognitive flexibility! There are four preliminary game ideas for training these skills and getting used to the game material. The attractive game material, including high-quality wooden inspirational cards and cute cardboard animal cards, make it both fun and educational.

Contents: 14 wooden fantasy cards, 60 cardboard animal cards (3 x 20 animals) – all cards 5 x 7.2 cm, 1 hourglass, set of instructions. Type: knowledge game / quiz. Age:5+