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DigitalStarter: Arranging GamePixel


  • basics of digital image construction and codes
  • concentration and logical thinking
  • fine motor skills
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Product details

Can computers actually paint? Of course not! But then how do the colorful images get on the screen? Cody and Pixi know the answer: the twins show children what pixels are and how a code can be used to create a large image from individual color information. On the screen or in the arranging frame – the principle is the same! In three arranging games that build on one another, children learn the basics of digital image construction and unravel the corresponding codes. Can the players recognize images in pixelated form as well and crack the binary codes? The aim of the game is to decode the information and place the color tiles in the right place!

Contents: 232 large pixel building blocks, 1045 small pixel building blocks, 1 arranging frame, 20 template cards, 1 set of instructions. Material: real wood, plywood, paper. Dimensions: arranging frame: 22,5 x 30 x 1,2 cm.