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DigitalStarter: Algorithm


  • understanding algorithms
  • concentration and logical thinking, planning of action sequences, language, spatial awareness
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Product details

What does our morning routine have to do with an algorithm? Cody and Pixi can explain! The two siblings show players that all action sequences – from getting out of bed, to getting dressed, to running off to preschool or school – are carried out according to a logical pattern, just like with a computer. In three games that build on one another, the children create an understandable sequence for the whole morning.Who can create their own algorithm with the individual action sequences? Players also have to consider the conditions in the form of weather maps and then develop a code for the path to the destination!

Contents: 1 game board, 40 picture cards, 2 Cody and Pixi figures. Material: carton, cardboard, wood. Dimensions: 26 x 26 cm.