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Catch the Worm!


  • 18-piece grasping and learning game with colorful elements
  • encourages hand-eye coordination
  • trains fine motor skills and concentration
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Product details

The colored die determines the color of the worms to be caught. But which gripper is the right one for which worm? Each gripper is different and can only catch a certain worm! If the player has a worm in their gripper, they now have to find the right hole on the peg board to place the worm into.

Contents: 18 pieces.
Material: wood, metal. Dimensions: gripper 16 to 17 cm, worm pegs Ø 0.8 to 3 cm, L 4 to 10 cm, peg board side length 11 cm. Contents: 4 peg boards each with 8 worm pegs in 4 colors, 4 grippers, 1 magnetic board (30 x 30 cm), 1 colored die, 1 set of instructions with game suggestions.