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Arranging Puzzle Animal Trio


  • highly stimulating puzzle
  • for arranging patterns and mandalas with and without frames
  • trains the perception of symmetries and geometric shapes
  • encourages fine motor skills, shape and color differentiation and creativity
More details

Product details

The attractively designed learning material made from wood is highly stimulating. When putting together the puzzles with the animal trio of owl, fish and snail, new, delightful patterns are created again and again – with or without the puzzle frame. Equilateral triangles can also be arranged without a frame into mandalas or pictures from nature and everyday life. The basics of symmetry and geometric shapes are taught at the same time. You can find more about the Fröbel concept and examples for linguistic support at

Contents: 243 pieces.
3 animal motifs as arrangement frames, 240 arrangement triangles in 6 colors of the rainbow. Material: plywood, 4 mm thick. Dimensions: snail 27 x 17.5 cm. Triangle edge length: 2.5 cm.