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About us


The holistic development of children aged between 0 and 8 years of age is the primary objective of HABA education. Our products are perfectly aligned to the needs and concerns of teachers. They find inspiration and materials for their day-to-day work: learning concepts, play and work materials that foster the senses, creative material and movement material for indoors and outdoors – whether in nurseries, kindergartens, pre-schools or learning centers.

We have compiled this variety of products for you as an ambitious school supplier from our many years of experience.

HABA education - Imagevideo

HABA education Imagevideo

Member of the HABA Family of Companies


HABA education is part of the HABA family of companies in Bad Rodach, Germany. We believe in taking responsibility for the future today. For us as a modern family company, sustainable action is central to our corporate philosophy. We attach as much importance to sustainability in production at our facilities in Germany as by our partners abroad as in the development and selection of products. For 80 years, the company’s brands have been developing and marketing learning aids, toys, furniture, clothing and many other products for the world’s common target group: children, families, kindergartens, schools and social facilities.

More than 2,000 employees work at the headquarters of the company in Germany and other locations, including in the USA, France, Hong Kong and India, to meet their widely differing needs and requirements.


Wehrfritz equips a large number of social institutions - from kindergartens to schools and therapy facilities to retirement homes.


... produces first-class toys and games, gifts and children’s room accessories and sells these internationally.


Project offers innovative room and furniture concepts as well as individual furnishing solutions for all school types.


... offers a sophisticated range of children’s clothing, children’s room furniture, toys and more and has everything that families with children up to 10 years of age are interested in.