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Print, color in … have fun!

Children love drawing and coloring. As long as you have paper and pencils nobody will be bored. Creativity and imagination are stimulated, and fine motor skills developed. What little artists want to draw depends on their mood; HABA coloring templates providing some great suggestions. Pens ready, get set, go!

Creative ideas for shipping cartons

They're big, robust – and far too nice to throw away! Our shipping cartons can do more than just deliver our products. Help give our high-quality packaging material a second life. Find lots of fun and creative suggestions here!

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#fromHABAwithlove – the love of giving

The birth of a child is one of the most wonderful moments in life. All of a sudden you have a little bundle to hold in your arms for the first time. A little bundle of life; a big bundle of love.

Our love of children is obvious. It can be seen every time we hold one of our products in our hands, or give it to a child. We love what we do, and we give you our word; For as long as there are children, we will continue being passionate about developing children’s toys and games, and distributing them around the world. What you receive from HABA is always 100 percent full of love, in other words “from HABA with love”! read more >