Exclusive gift ideas from HABA for the holiday season


Make children very happy

It is an amazing feeling to choose a gift, lovingly wrap it and witness the children's joy as they unwrap it. But what do they enjoy the most? What do they enjoy for the longest time? And most importantly, which gift is the most appropriate for which age? Year after year in the days before Christmas, gift-givers are asking themselves the same questions. For everyone who is eagerly searching for just the right present to make children’s ' eyes shine. Here are  our exclusive gift ideas from HABA:

  • Gift ideas for babies: Play trainers & play arches
  • Gift ideas for master builders from the age of 12 months: HABA building blocks
  • Gift ideas for little emergency personnel ages 2 and older: HABA Kullerbü – Play Track Fire Station
  • Gift ideas for the littlest game fans ages 2 and older: Our “My Very First Games” range
  • Gift ideas for travelers ages 3 and older: HABA Little Friends Play Set Camper Vacation and accessories
  • Gift ideas for small retailers from 3 years old:Toy shop
  • Gift ideas for doll parents ages 1 1/2 and older: Dolls to cuddle and play dolls to have adventures with
  • Gift ideas for game fans from 3 to 6 years old:Children’s Games
  • Gift ideas for engineers aged 4 and over:HABA ball track
  • Gift ideas for creating an oasis of well-being at home:Playroom Accessories

HABA accompanies babies from the very first day onward

Lovely gift ideas for the very littlest ones who be celebrating their very first Christmas

In the first weeks of life, what babies need most is closeness, love and security. Apart from the basic baby equipment, material things take a back seat at first. But when it is the first Christmas these new human lives are celebrating in the heart of their families, the question quickly arises for relatives and friends who want to make a gift - what gift would bring joy to the very youngest in the first months of life? The HABA play trainers and play arches are a great early-years gift for for when the little ones are not walking and have not yet embarked on their very own voyage of discovery. They provide the little ones with a variety of different visual, tactile and sound stimuli that appeal to all the senses.

Sorting, stacking and discovering - with HABA wooden building blocks

Lovely gift ideas for little master builders from the age of 12 months old upward

Children discover their world and their toys by grasping things, in the truest meaning of the word: Every shape and surface is felt with their fingers and examined in minute detail. How square does it feel ... and how round? What colors belong together and how high can you build a tower before it falls down? The little ones can discover all of this with colorful HABA wooden bricks and at the same time train their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

You can never have enough building blocks! That’s why we have a large and colorful range of building blocks. Our 1 x 1 of HABA building blocks helps you keep an overview.


HABA Kullerbü Play Track Fire Station – deployment in the children's room

Many children love to play with cars and other vehicles. Everything that can be driven and that moves is interesting, fascinating even. The large, flexible, upgradeable HABA Kullerbü play world for children from 2 to 8 years has plenty to offer in terms of excitement and fun. A great example of this is the HABA Kullerbü Play Track Fire Station. Featuring a helipad on the roof as well as a vehicle hall with space for up to three fire brigade vehicles, this set guarantees maximum Kullerbü action. Fireman Florian and Helicopter Pilot Hannes are impatient for their next deployment! When the time comes, the balls roll quickly down the ball slide, ringing the loud alarm bell on the way. The Kullerbü fire brigade is ready at once, and doesn’t let anything burn down. So water – and ball – march!

As well as the Play Track Fire Station, the many other playgrounds and marble runs, theme sets, vehicles and marbles from the HABA Kullerbü range are also ideal large or small gifts.

My early years – My Very First Games: Learn for life with the HABA children's games

The large range of HABA children's games means that there’s something for everyone – even the smallest games fans from 2 years.

Little children are curious about the world, and enjoy imitating what they see. “What are the adults doing? Playing? We can do that too!” But little ones first need to be introduced to the idea of playing by rules. This is exactly where our My Very First Games range starts, impressing with large, robust material and a cool concept. The HABA “My Very First Games” range combines playing fun and early learning. Children love playing these games, and in the process learn key skills such as listening carefully, patience, empathy and a willingness to cooperate. The search for unique Christmas gifts is child’s play with HABA.

Vacation with the HABA Little Friends: Hop in the caravan and head off!

With the HABA Little Friends, children ages 3 years and older go on an exciting adventure tour.

The varied HABA Little Friends play world has been expanded. The vacation play set lets little doll fans recreate their favorite vacation experiences. The sporty off road vehicle pulls the caravan, with removable roof thanks to a momentum motor, anywhere that the little travelers want to set up camp. On arrival, the Little Friends can roll out the awning and make themselves comfortable in the two lounge chairs. The play set can naturally also be expanded, offering plenty of space for new and individual adventures.

The clever HABA Little Friends bendy dolls have both conquered the hearts and found their way into the rooms of many children worldwide in recent years and,- just like the animals, play sets and dollhouse furniture, have become popular gift ideas for all occasions, especially at Christmas.

What'll it be? Shopping at the HABA store!

Children from the age of 3 onward are in their element when it comes to playing buying and selling role-playing games.

The shop has already accompanied many generations of children as they grow up, and is a popular gift for big occasions like Christmas. Here children can slip into different roles and play out conversations and experiences from their everyday life. This stimulates imagination and creativity and promotes language development in a play-based environment. When the HABA store opens its doors, there is always a big rush, because of the huge range of goods awaiting the little customers here, from A for apple to Z for zucchini. But that's not all – children's dreams become a reality here! Where else can the kids buy a whole basket of candy without their parents' permission?

Soft, cuddly dolls from HABA

They accompany children from 3 years throughout their entire lives

Dolls are a classic toy, and always make a great gift idea. They are with children through everyday life, dry their tears, help them fall asleep and are always with them - from a visit to the pediatrician to coming on the family vacation. The HABA dolls with their lovingly embroidered faces, padded bodies and soft hair made of chenille thread can do all this - while also being modern and cool.
Our new HABA play dolls are the perfect next step after the popular HABA fabric dolls. Children are able to see a reflection of themselves in the dolls as the bodies are modeled on the proportions of an toddler. This lets children quickly become best friends with their dolls. The cuddly playmates are naturally also excellent companions in the Christmas season, and are perfect for under the Christmas tree.

There are also accessories such as clothes sets, baby strollers or doll prams that make up the essentials for every doll family ... and they make children's eyes glow when they are received as a Christmas gift!

HABA ball track On your marbles, get set... fun to play!

This is really a round trip, especially for small marble run engineers aged 4 and upward.

Wood is one of the most beautiful and natural raw materials available. That's why wooden toys are a natural part of the HABA range. A real classic system is the HABA ball track for children aged 4 and over. The marble run consists of basic shapes such as cubes, rectangles, columns, ramps, bends and special units that provide great visual and sound effects. The basic ball track packs can be combined and expanded with exciting add-on sets to create large, varied ball run layouts in children's rooms.