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HABA - 1938-today


We don’t just talk, we act!

Combined heat and power unit

Two combined heat and power units (CHPs) generate the thermal energy needed to heat our buildings. The CHPs provide warmth with an efficiency of over 70 percent and use 30 percent of all exhaust and radiant heat. We can also meet almost 20 percent of our need for electricity with the CHPs.

Photovoltaic facility

The roof of one of our factories is covered with a 300 m2 photovoltaic facility (power rating 23 kWp) that generates 18,800 kWh of electricity annually. In spring of 2008, another facility on the roof of our new warehouse will go online. With modules covering an area of 4656 m2 and a capacity of 470 kWp, it is one of the largest photovoltaic facilities in Upper Franconia. It will generate around 450,000 kWh of electricity annually (corresponds to the power consumption of 125 single family houses).

Recycling scrap wood

A total of 2,900 tons of wood scrap is used to generate energy in our heating system per year, another 1,300 is sold as raw material to regional customers. We also process wood scrap in a finger-jointing machine that produces raw material for table tops. All buildings are heated using biomass energy – without the need for fossil fuels.

Ground source heat exchange system

The newly constructed Brauhof building is heated and cooled with a ground source heat exchange system that protects the environment and produces no emissions: External air is drawn through a 5-km-long system of pipes buried 4 m in the ground, then used to cool the rooms in summer by about 4 degrees. In winter, this facility allows us to save about 20 percent on fuel.

Filter system

Our factories are below the legally defined limit for dust emission. We use a cutting-edge filter system that filters fine dust particles out of the air with electrostatic energy.


We collect rain and well water in six cisterns (volume 800 m3) that is used for sanitary facilities, for watering needs, or to regulate the temperature of offices.

Materials used

To protect the environment, we only use environmentally-friendly, water-based stains and finishes on our wooden toys.

Use of materials

The synergistic effects within the corporate family as a whole significantly contribute to the careful use of resources in production: It allows us to optimise our use of wood, or, to put it simply: large pieces of wood become Wehrfritz furniture, small pieces turn into HABA toys.


Cardboard boxes are reused for transport to avoid waste and save on raw materials.

Natural areas

The area around the company headquarters, such as the open spaces and façades, is designed to blend in with the natural surroundings. Our parking lot is not sealed with asphalt, has an environmentally-friendly surface and is home to a number of plants and trees.