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HABA - 1938-today


Product Assortment:

In 1938 we started with colorfully polished building bricks. We still have these bricks in our product range to this day. But over the years our ‘factory for quality wooden toys’ has come up with a wider range of ideas for toys and for home products. And the same principle applies to all our products - the loving attention to detail makes our products heirloom quality.

Our baby toys stimulate sensory perception and convey experiences commensurate with their age. With HABA, babies learn to comprehend the world through play. The other outstanding features of our baby toys are the design in both clear shapes and colors, and the superb workmanship.

The HABA toy allows a great deal of scope for children’s imagination – and simply gives them pleasure. Apart from the genial design, what we feel is important is the ingenious combination of material and product. What is more - a lot of ideas come from the children themselves and are put to good use with the wealth of our experience.

Children do not play to learn – but they learn from playing. HABA has some 200 games that help them develop in many areas, such as color theory, simple sums, speech development and fine motor manipulations. More than 850,000 units of our classic ‘Fruit Garden’ have been sold in Germany alone.

‘Attractive ideas for your very own style’ is the model of our jewelery. The modern materials go with the age - handmade glass beads, silver, wood and felt. Both big and small girls like these designs and materials.

From cushions to blankets to area rugs - HABA accessories add a touch of color to life. Because in the end joy shared is twice the joy, we also have no end of attractive ideas for gifts – from the sticky tape chicken to the golden donkey.

HABA has been producing its own residential furniture since 1998 – furniture that children and adolescents grow up with. As they are made of Scandinavian birch, they remain timeless.

Our lamps put childrens’ bedrooms in the right light – as glowing decoration or decorative lighting.