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Everything is going with a swing in the HABA Christmas elves’ workshop

Outside, fat snowflakes are falling from the sky and Jack Frost has been busy on the window panes, while inside it’s all go in the HABA elf workshop. Soon it will be Christmas and until then, Santa has his work cut out delivering the presents on time with his reindeer sleigh, so it’s good that the HABA Christmas elves have got all the children’s Christmas wish lists...

Today is elf assistant Willi’s first day at work and he has three wish lists to fulfill. In his hand he has Max, Marie and Maja’s wish list and the first item is Discover the building blocks Technics - basic pack statics . Discover the building blocks Technics - basic pack statics.

Willi takes the wish list to Theo, the head elf in this department, and asks whether he can help. Theo nods and says “then pay attention Willi and I’ll tell you about Discover the building blocks Technics...”

“...Here we have Discover the building blocks Technics - basic pack statics . With this pack, children can really use their imagination when they build and, thanks to the building block clamps, these constructions are very stable. It is also important that children learn a lot as they play, for example about the physical links between statics, dynamics and gravity. At the same time they are improving their spatial awareness, stamina and fine motor skills.”

Elf assistant Willi takes the building blocks and ticks them off on the wish list.

“You can see the Discover the building blocks Technics - optics basic pack here”, explains head elf Theo and Willi listens to him carefully.

“It is perfect for curious young explorers. Towers with spinning discs or vehicles with imaginative superstructures - any creative construction can come to life with simple transmissions. Budding researchers can use the film drum to design and watch short animated films.”

“Great” says elf assistant Willi in wonder and takes a pack, because it is on the wish list, along withe Discover the building blocks Technics - basic pack vehicles and Discover the building blocks Technics - basic pack vehicles .

"Shall I tell you what’s so special about this basic pack?” asks head elf Theo. Willi nods.

Children can stack the building blocks and transform them into superb vehicles using the wheel clamps. This helps children to improve their spatial awareness, stamina and fine motor skills, as well as teaching them about the principle of cause and effect. Cognitive development and understanding of physical concepts are developed through play and it can be used in combination with all HABA play systems.”

“Brilliant”, cries Willi enthusiastically.

“I’ve told you so much, Willi”, says head elf Theo “and now I want to ask you something, do you know what the PEFC seal of approval is all about?”

Embarrassed, Willi shakes his head. “Okay”, says Theo the head elf patiently. “Then I’ll explain it to you quickly: At HABA, we use wood grown sustainably in German forests. That is why our wooden toys are marked with the PEFC seal of approval, a distinction that stands for sustainable and responsible forestry. It means our forests will also be around for future generations to enjoy.”

Elf assistant Willi says thank you and then it is time for him to move on to the Habaland department, because the second wish list is from twins Felix and Felicitas who would like lots of great Habaland toys.

First, Willi ticks off the Habaland play blocks. Before he goes any further, he reads the sign about the play blocks in the workshop:

“These blocks are perfect for very young children. First they can discover the many ways you can use building blocks and then they can design their first constructions. Soon they will be building little houses or towers”, is what the sign says, as well as “because they all have the same basic dimensions of four centimeters, the Habaland play blocks can be combined with all other HABA play systems.”

Willi is delighted, but he cannot stop for too long because the twins want a few more Habaland toys, e.g. the Habaland race car with removable driver or the Habaland horse and cart, that has a great peg game in the magnetic trailer.

What else is on the list? The Habaland train and the Habaland fire brigade that has a revolving and folding ladder. Willi is just about to go to the next department when he realizes that he also has to take the Habaland tractor with him. Willi wonders what the children will play with it. Imaginative role play games perhaps? These Habaland toys would be perfect for that.

“Haven’t you forgotten something?” asks a strict voice. It’s Hajo, the head elf in the “Habaland” department.

“Oh yes!” cries Willi. Now it all comes flooding back to him. Both children also want Lilo and Tom in Habaland and Floriana in Habaland, two great additions to the Habaland range!

“And what’s special about these building blocks?” head elf Hajo wants to know.

“Um… the cute designs and the lovely bright colors”, says Willi and then quickly glances at the head elf “and of course the handy parts that are perfect for little children’s hands.”

Good, Willi” says head elf Hajo with a serious expression “then I have one last question for you. Can you tell me anything about the materials in the HABA products?”

This time Willi is better prepared, because he read a sign about it on the way to this department. “The wood, the paints and the fabric are continually improved and checked...” he begins, a little hesitantly. “Both the finished toys and the raw materials correspond to all safety standards and regulations.”

Willi has to think for a little while and then he continues. “All of the stains are water-based and solvent-free. HABA has been working for decades with German partners in this area.”

Head elf Hajo nods in satisfaction and elf assistant Willi can continue to his last stop, the “colorful building block worlds” department.

Little Tina, who loves stacking building blocks, has also written a wish list. She wants the Cordoba and Torrino building blocks , as well as the Sakrada and Sevilla building blocks.

Phew, finished! Now the last wish list is complete and elf assistant Willi is satisfied with his work. Exhausted he falls asleep and dreams about ...? Well, about lots of happy children of course, enjoying their gifts under the Christmas tree.