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Get creative this spring!

Nature is gathering up her strength again and producing the most beautiful flowers and blooms. It’s high time for all creative children to reach for paints, glue and paper and design their own little works of art. If they want to, kids can surprise their parents, grandparents and our HABA marketing team with the results of a crafty afternoon.

We would like to invite all children to take part in our spring creativity competition - flowers or a blooming shrub, a spring meadow or a fruit tree decked out in beautiful white blossom, with beetles, butterflies, bunnies or fairies... The main thing is that it blossoms and flourishes. Little artists can also choose the material they use themselves. Wax crayons, coloured pencils, felt tips or poster paints, with glitter or even a collage, we can’t wait to see what little spring artists will design.

The closing date for all entries is 15th April 2012. We will display the 25 best entries on our website and on Facebook and these artists will receive a little surprise for their work of art!

Send entries to


Habermaaß GmbH
Postfach 1107
96473 Bad Rodach

Für alle Bastelfreunde haben wir noch einige Tipps:

Creative sets

With these sets, being creative and making little works of art is child’s play. Some like painting patterns and glittering, while others enjoy modelling the coolest figures out of modelling clay. Lacing is also a lot of fun. Even the youngest artists can make stunning pictures with stamps. HABA creative sets are a lot of fun, even for very young children aged 3 and over. The well illustrated patterns, which children can design themselves, have different levels of difficulty, so that they can be enjoyed by every age group. The stickers included can be used to decorate either the little works of art themselves or their packaging. The creative sets are ideal for encouraging creativity and imagination. They are perfect for rainy afternoons … or even when best friends come to visit, because craft is twice as much fun with two!


In Stickerworld, children can let their imagination run wild and design their own picture book. All they need to do is stick the stickers onto the laminated pages of the book. The stickers are removable, so stories can be rewritten again and again. Each book contains a fold-out panorama page where the stickers come to life. The Stickerworld books are great for long car journeys and comfort little patients who are tucked up in bed with a sore throat and runny nose. There is no room for boredom in Stickerworld! Where will the picture book journey take you? To Africa on the Stickerworld Safari or to Fairyland to see the Stickerworld Princess ?

Creative Workshop Flowers

With this creative set, making the most beautiful accessories is child’s play. Imaginative flowers, fashionable hair slides or colourful gift boxes - the flowers can be combined to make the most beautiful fantasy flowers again and again and they provide lots of craft, play and decorating fun!

Terra Kids Construction Sets

Check it out, budding engineers! The construction sets give exciting insights into the world of technology and also help to develop crafty kids’ technical skills. The pre-punched wooden parts make quick craft fun possible without sawing and they are easy to stick together, thanks to the simple instructions. Catamaran, Musical Gears or Windmill - the construction sets make physics tangible and children will really enjoy building them, as well as observing and testing!

Nesting Box Construction Kit

The Nesting Box Construction Kit is a real experience for all fans of our feathered friends. The ready sawn wooden parts can be put together quickly and, if you like, you can also paint the nesting box. The nesting box can then be hung up in the garden in time for the start of spring. The instructions will help with choosing the location and explain some important points about bird watching.

We wish all creative kids a colourful start to spring!