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Counting Raven Theo the Raven Discovers Numbers

Counting Raven Theo the Raven Discovers Numbers

for iPhone®*, iPad®*, iPod touch®*

In this app, children ages 4-6 accompany the curious raven Theo and his friends through the world of numbers and quantities from 1 to 20. And now Theo the raven is not only in the orchard; he's on his way to the farm too. Whether counting sheep, driving a tractor or sorting crazy hens, there's plenty to do. Each area offers a playful way to learn about the world of numbers while also fostering fine motor skills.

Counting World:

Children delve into the fascinating orchard when they visit the Counting World. The orchard is filled with small objects that allow players to practice counting. Touching the objects triggers surprising acoustic or visual effects. Whether 2 sheep, 5 apples or 3 flowers – everything can be counted in this area.

Game World:

The Game World offers children three exciting educational games with different focal points:

  • Counting Sheep: The children use a fence to help Theo separate the correct number of sheep from the rest of the herd.
  • Tractor Tour: The children drive a tractor through the field, tracing a number that is depicted as a path. This is a playful way for them to practice writing numbers.
  • Chicken Coop Chaos: The crazy hens with numbers on them want to be placed on the nest with the matching number of eggs. This game helps children practice arranging numbers and quantities as well as sequential numbering.

The Counting Raven app is:

  • Full of variety: our games for discovering and practicing numbers and sums in German, English, French, Dutch and Spanish
  • Engaging: Interactive play and educational fun with adorable characters
  • Age-appropriate: Number range expands from 1-5 to 1-10 and then to 1-20 with the child's advancement
  • Uncomplicated: Games are easy to understand and provide preparation for primary school
  • Secure: No advertisements or in-app sales

The Counting Raven app offers parents:

  • Limitation on play time: You can set the play time individually
  • Selecting the notation: Display of the numbers 4 and 7 can be selected
  • Profile: Up to four children can save their own games
  • HABA Quality: Developed and tested by educators with a passion for detail

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