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Orchard Theo the Raven on an Exploration

Orchard Theo the Raven on an Exploration

for iPhone®*, iPad®*, iPod touch®*

All children from ages 3-8 accompany the rascally raven Theo through a variable exploration of an orchard! This children's app lets all nature lovers discover, explore, and simulate the versatile and exciting life in the orchard in three different game areas.

World of Exploration:

The World of Exploration offers many delightful and engaging details that surprise children with silly effects, animation and noises. Whether it's apple trees, scarecrows, beehives or mole burrows...everything does something!

World of Learning:

Children plant a virtual orchard in the World of Learning. Through many small tasks, such as seeding, watering, nurturing or keeping the neighbor's goat from nibbling on things, children help the fruit grow and the trees bloom.

Game Area:

In the Game Area, Theo the raven needs help harvesting. Once the hard-working harvest helpers have sorted the fruits into the correct baskets, the World of Exploration and the World of Learning greet players with newly activated surprises just waiting to be discovered and tried out. This variety guarantees game-play fun.

The Orchard app is:

  • Variable: Areas for playing, learning, discovering and creating
  • Exciting: Interactive game-play fun with Theo the raven
  • Age-appropriate: Various challenges for children ages 3-8
  • Uncomplicated: Games are intuitive to play and age-appropriate
  • Secure: No advertisements or in-app sales

The Orchard app offers parents:

  • Limitation on play time: You can set the play time individually
  • Profile: Up to four children can save their own games
  • HABA Quality: Developed and tested by educators with a passion for detail
  • Languages: English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese

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