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Interactive Playing Worlds by HABA

Explore the Orchard with Theo the Raven

Age: 3 - 8
  • Four play areas: now includes an additional Cooperative Fruit Picking Game World
  • All five senses are stimulated in fun ways
  • The game time can be limited using the settings in the Parental area

Animal Upon Animal
The hunt for the forgotten artifacts

Age: 5 and up
  • Full of variety: Get immersed in 3 mystical worlds: Polar, canyon, and jungle
  • Epic: Fulfill 30 exciting missions and collect 180 magical artifacts
  • Record-breaking: Prove you're a pro – win the race against time and collect the golden artifacts
  • Clever: Demonstrate dexterity when moving the animals
  • Tricky: Countless situations cause difficulty along the way: Couch catapult, pincher zeppelin, giant rotor and many more
  • Exciting: The perfect mix of skilled play and physics puzzles
  • Sophisticated: Playtime can be limited for younger adventurers
  • Safe: no advertising, no in-app purchases available to children

Counting Raven
Theo the raven discovers the world of numbers

Age: 4 - 6
  • Encourages numeracy and quantities in a fun game than also fosters fine motor skills
  • Numeric range: 1 - 20
  • 4 games in two play areas: Counting area and game area with three educational games:
  • The game time can be limited using the settings in the Parental area

What makes HABA apps special

Design with attention to detail:

Discover and play using all five senses:  Funny game characters, evocative illustrations, humorous sounds and great animations bring the game world to life. 

Sophisticated and reliable apps:

Tablet and smartphone applications and features open up new game design possibilities. We use this potential to create innovative game worlds for kids and adults alike!  HABA apps are safe because there is no advertising or in-app purchases. Children cannot click on any links.

Age-appropriate games:

HABA apps are a lot of fun and they also provide a wide variety of great details to help your child discover and learn new things. The challenges get harder as the players' skills increase skill... so the apps hold their appeal for a long time. They game structures are age-appropriate and intuitive.

Limit playing time:

HABA apps have a parental area, where you can set playing time individually. This area also includes hints and tips  for parents regarding the app features.

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