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HABA - 1938-today


Press Releases

  • Enter Puzzle Paradise, Piece by Piece with HABA

    Which pieces fit where? To find out, children have to rotate and turn over the puzzle pieces several times until everything fits. Discovering the solution is a lot of fun for children, and they sharpen their concentration, fine motor skills and attention for detail while doing it!

    ...more (May 2015 - 2 MB)

  • A fanfare of novelties: Little Friends, Rollerby, Titus Tentacle ...

    Ring in the New Toys’ Year with us, and look forward to a highly entertaining novelty: the Ball Track Rollerby System. This ball track really sets the balls in motion!

    Please browse for more information and further fantastic novelties the Press Information Spring 2015 (7 MB)

  • HABA Has Everything You Need to Get You Ready for Next Summer!

    HABA quality ensures even longer-lasting fun! Our robust, high-quality sandbox toys now include a 5-year warranty!
    And since even the youngest children love to play in the sand and water, we’ve also developed specially designed infant sand toys.

    ...more (January 2015 - 6 MB)

  • Welcome to the World of HABA Glove Puppets!

    Now you can choose from the entire range of classical glove puppets from HABA. Whether it’s for a Kasperltheater, re-enacting your favorite fairy tales or performing your own creative adventure stories, we have the right puppet for every puppet theatre.

    ...more (October 2014 - 7 MB)

  • HABA Dolls to Love and Cuddle

    From early childhood on, children are fascinated by their normal everyday life, and re-enact their experiences when playing. HABA dolls are their perfect playing companions.

    ...more (October 2014 - 3 MB)

  • HABA Game News for Autumn 2014

    The new games include an award-winning HABA classic – now with a new design: Crash Cup Karambolage, a fast-paced action flicking game for the whole family. In this game, the players show their skills and attitude to risk in three different disciplines.

    Press release – Spiel’14 Essen – 2 MB

  • HABA New Items for Autumn 2014

    The entire classic glove puppet range is now available from HABA! For Punch and Judy theatre, for recreating popular fairy tales or for made-up adventure stories … everybody will find the perfect cast for their play among the HABA glove puppets.

    Press release – Kind + Jugend Cologne 2014 – 5 MB

  • NEW: Fourth Cooperative Fruit Picking Game

    The raven-strong game is starting a new round: The popular HABA Orchard App has been updated!

    ...more (August 2014 - 4 MB)

  • Gifts and Decorations from the HABA Christmas Shop

    Hard to believe, but we’re already into the last days of summer and fall is just around the corner. Soon, you’ll begin to see the first Christmas items lined up on the store shelves. The HABA Christmas elves have also been busy working on and crafting new gift ideas.

    ...more (August 2014 - 5 MB)

  • A Monstrously Cool Collection

    The Mini Monsters are loose at HABA! Wherever you turn—on the dining table, in the Kindergarten bag, and in the children’s room—the adorable little rascals are everywhere!

    ...more (August 2014 - 4 MB)

  • A Wild Game for the whole Family - Tambuzi by HABA

    Things really move in circles in the HABA game Tambuzi! Whenever the electronic buzzer in the middle of the board emits a rousing bongo rhythm, the players have to provide shelter for their animals from the threat of lightning.

    ...more (August 2014 - 5 MB)

  • HABA “knighted” by the “Spiel des Jahres” jury

    With a nomination for the most important prize in the German games industry and two recommendations in the children’s game sector, HABA is the most successful publisher on the games list.

    ...more (May 2014 - 3MB)

  • Family Food Stars – Delicious Snacks, Baked Goods and Dessert for the Whole Family

    Family Food Stars – Delicious Snacks, Baked Goods and Dessert for the Whole Family

    ...more (May 2014 - 3MB)

  • ANDERSon – HABA desk takes children’s bedrooms by storm

    At first glance, ANDERSon is a desk with a difference, but look closer and you will find it is much more... a strong and reliable partner for young and old. It supports school-starters as they learn to write and count and, in years to come, helps them to fight their way through the impenetrable jungle of homework and still see the trees in the forest.

    ...more (May 2014 - 4 MB)

  • HABA App Counting Raven

    Counting Raven

    ...more (April 2014 - 2 MB)

  • Play Fun for Children age 2+ - My Very First Games by HABA

    Small children are already real world explorers. Children watch and comprehend, play and learn, try things and experiment ... all of which makes day to day living for children age 2+ so very exciting. At this age it's therefore really important that children are challenged and fostered adequately.

    ...more (April 2014 - 1,0 MB)

  • New HABA Summer Hits

    While winter still has its hold on us, at HABA we are already thinking about next spring and summer. Here we reveal what toys will enthrall children in the upcoming sand-mud-playing-and-digging season.

    ...more (January 2014 - 1,9 MB)

  • New HABA games at International Toy Fair Nuremberg 2014

    Full of sparkle and energy, we are setting off on our journey through a new year of games, with bags full of exciting new products!

    ...more (January 2014 - 5,3 MB)

  • New HABA items at International Toy Fair Nuremberg 2014

    Full of sparkle and energy, we are setting off on our journey through a new year of toys, with bags full of exciting new products!

    ...more (January 2014 - 6,2 MB)

  • New HABA App "Animal upon Animal"

    Wild game-play fun on a new level! The third HABA app, “Animal upon Animal”, the beasties from the well-known HABA board game series conquer the digital world!

    ...more (January 2014 - 1,22 MB)

  • My First Play Worlds

    Are you already familiar with My First Play Worlds? They take even the smallest on exciting journeys of discovery into the realm of farm and zoo animals. Or whisk them into town, with a loud Dingalingaling, with the fire brigade and the police.

    ...more (October - 6,9 MB)

  • HABA Game News for Autumn 2013

    … Fire-breathing fun!

    …more (Press release – Spiel’13 Essen – October 2013 - 6 MB)

  • HABA Game News for Autumn 2013

    … HABA brings the toys, children bring them to life!

    Press release – Kind + Jugend Cologne – September 2013 (16 MB)

  • Sound researchers on a musical journey of discovery

    Every child has talents, it’s just a matter of discovering and nurturing them! That is why we at HABA have developed a variety of instruments that support children’s musical development through play.

    …more (August 2013 – 3 MB)

  • Creative Craft Ideas from HABA – for boys and girls!

    Making something amazing with their own hands makes children proud and boosts their self-confidence! Children’s motivation increases considerably when they paint or make things by hand and receive praise and attention from adults for the result. With our creative craft ideas we at HABA offer boys and girls the opportunity to give their imagination and creativity free rein.

    …more (Press release Creative Craft Ideas – August 2013 - 7,4 MB)

  • Join Theo the clever Raven as he learns about the World of Numbers

    Following the success of the “Orchard“ app, this second HABA Children‘s App is now available in the App Store: In this educational “Counting Raven“ App, children ages 4 to 6 years accompany the rascally Theo and his friends through the world of numbers and quantities from 1 to 20..

    …more (July 2013 – 1 MB)

  • Delicious delicacies for kids and grown-ups with a sweet tooth

    There is one day of every year that children love more than any other - their birthday. And along with presents and a beautifully decorated table, delicious cakes and muffins are an essential part of every children’s birthday party. The new HABA-silicon molds, the Family Food Stars,offer child-friendly motifs and lots of different decorations!

    …more (June 2013 – 3,0 MB)

  • HABA nominated as Kinderspiel des Jahres

    We are over the moon that the play value in the Orinoco Gold entertained and enthralled the “Spiel des Jahres” jury and is nominated as “Kinderspiel des Jahres”.
    Author Bernhard Weber struck Orinoco Gold with his idea and illustrator Michael Menzel brought the game to life with his special feel for excitement, tension and atmosphere.

    …more (May 2013 - 3 MB)

  • Ideas for gifts – Gifts to spread a little Joy

    The birth of a new baby is a very happy time, as well as a wonderful occasion for “welcome to the world” gifts. And year after year, birthdays are not just a reason to celebrate, but to give gifts. All you need is the right gift idea! So if you are looking for “gifts to spread a little happiness”, big or small, for your own little ones or for children of friends and relatives, you have come to the right place at HABA.

    …more (Press release Ideas for Gifts – May 2013 - 5,1 MB)

  • Ready, set, sun!

    There are some things kids are especially fond of, like sand and earth! Nothing is more fun than digging, splashing about, stirring in buckets, building castles or role playing such as cooking and baking. At HABA, there are many sand toys to make children’s favourite pastime become a memorable experience.

    …more (Press release Outdoor – March 2013 - 5,9 MB)

  • Dolls to fall in love with

    HABA dolls are favourites among all girls and boys and make their hearts leap for joy. Every doll is a soft and cuddly friend throughout childhood.

    …more (Press release Dolls – February 2013 – 8,9 MB)

  • New HABA items at International Toy Fair Nuremberg 2013

    This year HABA has a very special reason to celebrate, because it’s the company’s 75th anniversary! And, just in time for the anniversary, our new products bring kids even more animal fun: My First Play World Zoo says “Welcome to the Zoo” to every fan of elephant, lion and co. It gets chinking musical to the celebration with the Ring-a-ding a-ling rolling fun, the new musical instruments and the cuddly toys with sounds. Also cuddly are the new soft dolls uniquely packaged in a gift tin. Uppsala – a new color scheme ranging from soft sand, brown, blue and yellow shades are incorporated into designs with big animal play fun, clutching toys and even mobiles. Colorful and pretty are still the goal with the creative threading fun and craft kits which train fine motor skills and imagination. Terra Kids has some great additional assembly kits which provides quick arts and craft fun with no sawing! All little craftsmen will love the new outdoor-tools from Terra Kids. And for sand castle builders there are several new sand vehicles. With kids on travel tour you are equipped perfectly with children’s trolley, car catch-all, children’s backpack, toilette bag and child’s umbrella. At home gets cozier with zoo animals and wise owl room decor.

    …more (Press release Toys – Toy fair Nuremberg 2013 – 6,1 MB)

  • New HABA games at International Toy Fair Nuremberg 2013

    Benny’s Beautiful Blossom is HABA’s favorite games highlight this spring: Who can help the squirrels to sow and look after the flowers? Then for those who prefer to travel, they can go on a hunt for gold on a huge game board at Orinoco Gold or collect valuable gold coins on by airplane on outlying islands at Plucky Pilots. A drawing thief is chased in Sherlock Kids. At Dancing Eggs with the new box everybody feels egg-cellent. Beware of the fox! But Reynard does not steal the eggs, he is keen on delicate roast hare. Bewitched Creatures make their way through the enchanted forest with good memory and the right tactics. And Little Ghostly Friends make glow worms glow with their smart cookies. With big first counting fun begins 1, 2 the Bounce and Hop for all frog fans. Teddy is on his first search for the matching colors and shapes. Pick a patch, ready, steady, go! – at Pick a Patch a fine sense of touch and memory are required. And for all puzzle beetles and bookworms there are many new exciting first puzzles and books.

    …more (Press release Games – Toy fair Nuremberg 2013 – 4,6 MB)

  • HABA goes digital!

    HABA developed an App for children ages 3 to 8 in additional to the classic range. The Orchard App “Raven Theo on Discovery Tour” is available at iTunes Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

    …more (Press release – Orchard-App - January 2013 – 1,4 MB)

  • My very first games

    …about games for tiny tots. “My very first games” have been developed by HABA games editors especially for children aged 2 and over. They stand out both because they are a lot of fun and because they really help children to develop. The first special feature is the easy-to-handle play materials, made from wood and sturdy card, which are also perfect for free play.

    …more (Press release – My very first games – November 2012 – 4,5 MB)

  • All kids love Puzzles

    … about HABA puzzle which foster important key skills such as detailed observation, fine motor skills and concentration.

    … more (Press release – HABA Puzzles – October 2012 – 4,5 MB)

  • HABA Game News for Autumn 2012

    …about magical games for the whole family.

    …more (Press release – Spiel’12 Essen – October 2012 – 4,4 MB)

  • Autumn Novelities 2012

    Curtain up... for the new HABA products.

    ...more (Press release - Kind + Jugend Cologne - September 2012 - 6,9 MB)

  • Little American Indian chief

    ... about oodles of fun to children's bedrooms with doll Sihu, horse Lanu and the Little Chief dressing. But it's not just (role) play; children's bedroom furniture is all about American Indian's too.

    ...more (Press release - American Indians - July 2012 - 3,9 MB)

  • My First Ball Track

    ... about the creative play system for constructing, playing and experimenting. Non-slip building perfect for kids ages 1,5+.

    ...more (Press release - My First Ball Track - June 2012 - 2,5 MB)

  • Biofino

    ... about fabric treats with delightful details for varied role play.

    ...more (Press release - Biofino - May 2012 - 6,5 MB)

  • Matti - Furniture for Life

    ... Matti, the companion throughout life who always fits.

    ...more (Press release - Matti - March 2012 - 3,7 MB)

  • Creative Sand Toys

    ... about Sun Bistro, Sand Bakery, XXL - sand spilling fun and much more - everything for working with sand and water.

    ...more (Press release - Sun Bistro - March 2012 - 6,2 MB)

  • The HABA Ball Track turns 30

    ... about a very special birthday and lots of new things to celebrate.

    ...more (Press release - Toy fair Nuremberg 2012 - 6,3 MB)

  • New games

    ... about creative play ideas.

    ...more (Press release - Toy fair Nuremberg 2012 - 6,9 MB)

  • New toys for autumn are here

    ... about role-playing, My First Play World - Farm, dolls, things for first day at school and optic.

    ...more (Press release - Kind & Jugend Cologne 2011 - 7,6 MB)

  • Top novelties at a glace

    ... about creative play ideas.

    ...more (Press release - Toy fair Nuremberg 2011 - 5,3 MB)

  • New games

    ... about game novelties - Spring 2011.

    ...more (Press release - Toy fair Nuremberg 2011 - 7,2 MB)

  • Fizzy ideas for the Water Park

    ... about experimenting with water and sand and tracks under construction.

    ...more (Press release - Beach June 2010 - 4,1 MB)

  • Matti - HABA Furniture-System

    ... about furniture for life - individual, stable and quick to assemble.

    ...more (Press release - Matti May 2010 - 3,1 MB)

  • Made in Germany

    ... about benefits of own manufacture, European directive on the safty of toys and environmentally friendly, waterbased paint.

    ...more (300 KB)