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Sustainability in thought and action

“Sustainable development meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”
Source: World Commission on Environment and Development, Our Common Future (1987), also known as the Brundland Report.


  • Use of materials that protects resources

    We substantially invest into placing ecological principles into practice in the manufacture of wooden toys. Protection of natural resources is at the front of our mind, both in choice of materials and in the production processes used. This is proven, among other things, by the PEFC seal, which has been distinguishing HABA wooden toys since 2012. By obtaining this seal, we support the preservation of the forests’ ecological balance and do our bit to sustainably improve global forest management and maintenance.

    Our high standards concern all materials used and the entire production chain, so it goes without saying that, for example, our textiles meet the Öko-Tex Standard 100. We select and test all of our suppliers according to strict criteria (working hours, working conditions etc.).

  • Building technology and environmeng

    Our buildings are only heated using renewable fuels. Step-by-step, we are replacing furnaces for fossil fuels with district heating and producing electricity with three highly efficient photovoltaic systems. One of our company’s aims is to preserve the natural environment. We take this into account when renovating existing buildings and constructing new ones. Several of the company building roofs are green and there is plenty of space for birds and insects to live in the planted areas in the car parks and around the warehouses. There are several nesting boxes for different species of birds on the high and exposed parts of buildings and the birds make good use of them every year. .


  • Sustainable growth

    Long-term growth is at the center of the economic process and we achieve it by supplying customers with high quality products and services.

  • Purchasing goods and quality management

    We expect our suppliers and their subcontractor to adhere to social standards in accordance with BSCI, SA 8000 or ICTI. We don’t accept any compromises when it comes to basic requirements for safety and human rights and we check that standards are being maintained on site. Quality management monitors and coordinates these activities for the entire family of companies. The requirements we place on the quality of our products are very high. This is why we constantly check that all products comply with European regulations and directives, international standards and German laws.

Social issues

  • Further education and training

    We currently offer around 100 young people the chance to learn a commercial, business or creative trade in our company. Quality and dedication, on both sides, are also crucial here. It is worth it ... both for the business and for the apprentices. Several wood technicians and a media designer have already been able to complete their training at the top of their class.

  • Family-friendly working atmosphere

    We received the certificate for the “beruf &familie”® [work and family] audit. for our family-friendly staff policy. There are various time and workplace models within our company. In 2004, we set up a for our family-friendly staff policy. There are various time and workplace models within our company. In 2004, we set up a company crèche for our children, where approximately 30 young children are safely & lovingly cared for each day. We also offer summer holiday care for primary school children.

  • Health management

    Healthy eating is essential for productivity and concentration, which is why a canteen is available for our staff, where the freshly cooked meals are different every day. We also offer our staff several sport, advice and information events. The Tour de HABA and the HABA Family Triathlon have already become annual events..

For us, sustainability means thinking about tomorrow, today.