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Christmas Painting Competition

Paint or draw and win…
... The best Christmas works of art with Piro

Which little artists can send us the most beautiful Christmas works of art?

There is still time, but Christmas is drawing nearer and nearer and then it will be time to write Christmas lists, buy presents and bake biscuits. To slowly but surely bring Christmas spirit to the HABA homepage, we are inviting all budding artists to take part in this year’s Christmas painting competition and to paint or draw a picture that tells the end of this story.

Hurray, hurray, it's finally Christmas time again!” cries Piro in delight. The little chap is already waiting excitedly for the celebration and he has been very good all year round, in hopes that he receives many presents. Piro knows exactly what he wants because he started to write a new wish list as soon as last Christmas was over and now his list is nice and long! But Piro isn’t just a big fan of Christmas. He also loves to travel. He has already been all around the world and, just before Christmas ... yes, he ended up in the North Pole! When he arrived, Piro met the little elf boy Willi and Piro learned that Willi is very sad. His parents are so busy in the Christmas elf workshop that they don’t have time to play with him. It’s good that Piro is there! Now they can play together…

What adventures does Piro have with Willi at the North Pole with Santa and in the Christmas elf workshop?

Send us the best Christmas works of art featuring our little Christmas hero, Piro. Every story is special, whether it is painted or drawn with coloured pencils, wax crayons, felt tip pens or watercolour paints. We are really looking forward to receiving all of the works of art!

The 24 best Christmas works of art will be displayed on the HABA homepage as an advent calendar - a different one each day! You’ll be surprised!

We’re already looking forward to receiving your Christmas works of art
by email at
or by post:

HABA Marketing „Weihnachtskunstwerke“
Postfach 1107
96473 Bad Rodach

Closing date for all pictures is 31 October, 2012.
All of the little artists will receive a surprise!

Legal action is not permitted. Employees of the HABA family of companies and their relatives may not participate.