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Toy testing at HABA

Clackety-clack and hello,

I’m Rosella, the clacking toy! I’ve seen and done a good few things before children get to play with me.

My brothers and sisters, the other HABA products, and I accompany children through the first years of their lives and support their development through play. Play with us can be lively! I clackety-clack happily and join in all the fun and games! HABA quality and safety make sure that I’m child’s safe to use and that little ones won’t be harmed during play! That’s why the children’s inventors have been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

So, what wood am I carved from? Clackety-clack is made from the best wood from sustainable forestry in German forests! HABA wooden toys are developed and manufactured in Germany, at the site in Bad Rodach, Franconia. When it comes to making toys, each toy is only as safe as its materials! Color is added using solvent-free and environmentally friendly, water-based varnishes. This makes the toy safe for babies and young children to put in their mouths. The raw materials and materials processed are subject to constant quality checks and improvements.

The journey from the idea for my toy to the start of production takes a little while, so I need to be patient. Before I see the light of day, our HABA designers have been working on me for a very long time.. Last but not least, all of my parts are made from child-friendly materials and are big enough that they don’t fit through the safety stencils.

I think it’s finally time for some fun! But first I have to be thoroughly tested. The resilienceof HABA products is not only tested within the company, an independent testing institute, Landesgewerbeanstalt (LGA) Bavaria, checks all toys and materials for mechanical and chemical safety. Passing the test means that the toys meet the European toy safety standard (“EN 71”).

Clackety-clack! I’m so proud that I’ve passed the many tests with flying colors. First, I was dunked in distilled water for 4 minutes at a time, several times. I did clack with excitement, but all of my individual parts stayed firmly stuck together and moisture-proof. Then they really turned my head! Using a force of around 3.4kg (0.34Nm), they tested to see whether children would manage to break me into my individual parts. For comparison - An 18 month old child can apply a force of around 2kg (0.2Nm). In the hitting test, I even stood up to a block weighing 1kg! Nothing will happen to me if children drop me - even from a height of 85cm! Woohoo! I passed all the tests! Now I'm ready for the big world of play and all my little playmates!

Clackety clack! Talk to you soon,