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School starts in the dolls’ house

Lilli and her big sister Lotta are excited because it’s finally time to go back to school. A week ago they went on holiday to the beach, all kitted out with the deck chair for the summer holidays and everything for fun on the beach. They found their holiday very relaxing.

Lilli is very nervous already, because everything is new for her, but Lotta reassures her “I’ll go with you to school and show you everything!” She helps Lilli to put on her satchel with the first school things. They have already labelled and packed the exercise books. Lotta also gives Lilli the blackboard and cardboard cone full of sweets for the first day at school and then Lilli is ready to go. “Do you know what the best thing is?” Lilli asks her big sister. “It’s that my friends Graham and Mali are going to be in my class too.” They walk to school together.

In Lotta’s class, the lesson began with an important topic. The doll children are going to learn to tell the time. That's why Lotta and her friend Clara are playing the HABA game From Dawn ‘til Dusk. The doll children have learnt to tell the time quick as a flash and they are lavished with praise!

Now their teacher wants to do something else. “I’ve also brought along the HABA Fex games for you. They get children ready for learning and their brains up to speed.” The doll children in Lotta’s class are allowed to decide which card game they would like to play:

Whew! Sometimes they aren't so easy, but then that’s just why the room is filled with the sound of laughter and brains ticking. The first day of school was filled with fun.