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Cute - HABA fills children’s hearts with joy!

Why? It’s simple. HABA products are straight from the heart! Our designers ponder and puzzle, draw sketches and build models and they do all of that with a lot of blood, sweat and tears and attention to detail. The result is colourful products in upbeat designs that are always guaranteed to lift the mood! An all-time favorite!

Cute toys

The cute hearts pacifier chain enchants tiny tots with its bright colors and makes sure that their favorite pacifier is always there when they need it. The rose red clutching toy will also capture the hearts of little ones as they explore their world!

Cute for travel

All the favourite dolls that hold a special place in their mum’s heart will be really comfy in the hearts doll pram and can look forward to an exciting voyage of discovery.

Cute for dressing up

Cute, cuter, Bab’s Happy Bavaria! Who will little dirndl girls give their gingerbread heart? to? When the Munich Beer Festival calls, thousands of visitors, young and old, all flood in. But what would a proper, traditional outfit be without sophisticated accessories such as the dirndl bag, the pendant or the Bab's Happy Bavaria necklace.

Cute living

At HABA, we not only develop toys, jewelry or role play products that children love, but also cute accessories and furniture for children’s rooms. We put our heart into everything: wall stickers the beanbag, the heart garland the individual hook or the Pia wardrobe shelf!