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I would love to be...

Who has never dreamed of being something or somebody else? And of doing things that would otherwise not be possible? Well, carnival time is the perfect opportunity!

Children, in particular, love dressing up and discovering a new world every day. All they need is a great costume, a few fancy accessories and a lot of imagination!

... A beautiful, delicate pixie with wings

Putting on the Elfine dress set is like being in fairyland. Girls especially love the sewn-on wings and the stripy cuffs. The enchanting hooded cape with its decorative leaf fastening is pure magic. Wearing the cape, little elves can flutter through the house and transform their room into a fairytale, enchanted forest. All of the elfin accessories, such as the Elfine hairband, can be kept safe in the Elfine bag.

Elfine the doll with her delicate elfin dress and wings is a loyal companion for the journey through the realm of the elves.

... A stylish dirndl girl

The transformation is so fast. Simply put on the Babs Happy Bavaria dirndl apron. It has tie fastenings at the neck and on back so it can be adjusted to fit each wearer. With the Babs Happy Bavaria Necklace and the Babs Happy Bavaria Pendant , this cute outfit is almost complete. Now all that it needs is the Babs Happy Bavaria dirndl bag with strap and magnetic fastening, because there is space inside it for everything little dirndl girls could need. The Babs Happy Bavaria gingerbread heart is a really special gift for friends. If children decide that the gingerbread heart is too good to give away, it can be hung in the perfect spot by its lanyard with safety fastening.

... All the dragons and bad guys tremble when they see this gallant knight

Watch out dragons and baddies! Here comes brave knight Henry Haba-Strong, who can take on anything. Little heroes will become bold knights as soon as they slip into Henry Haba-Strong’s armour with its fiery dragon motif. It’s off to find adventure at the gallop on Henry Haba-Strong’s hobby horse with his beautiful reins and caster. Just fold down the visor on Henry Haba-Strong’s helmet and the courageous knights are ready to joust at the tournament, thanks to the Henry Haba-Strong’s lance with hand protector and soft core.

Little knights in the duel skilfully brandish the Henry Haba-Strong sword with its fabric blade. Look out! Take cover behind the colourful Henry Haba-Strong shield with its soft, padded core! And then swing the rattling and clattering Henry Haba-Strong spiked mace to launch a counter-attack.

... A bold pirate adventuring on the high seas

... A bold pirate adventuring on the high seas Captain Charlie jacket and belt and the Captain Charlie hat and beard. The Captain Charlie parrot attaches to the jacket with a hook and loop strap so it is always at Captain Charlie’s side. Enemy ship in sight! Get ready to board! Now the fearless pirates will need the Captain Charlie sword made from soft fabric and there will be no more escaping for the enemies with the Captain Charlie ball and chain.

No matter whether they dress up as elves and flutter through an enchanted forest, conquer the mountains as dirndl girls, teach dragons a thing or two as knights or embark on a treasure hunt as pirates ... role playing places no limitations on children's imagination.

Und wir von HABA wissen: Fantasie macht stark!