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HABA - 1938-today


HABA International

The stuff that (play) dreams are made of.

In 1938 HABA started out as a “Factory for fine wooden toys”. Today we find that toys don’t always need to be wooden, but they do always need to be right for children!

HABA Germany

It all began with finely polished wooden toys, colorful that were “finely sanded and polished wonderfully smooth, just right for tender children’s hands,” as the 1939 catalogue emphasized. Today these blocks are still part of our product palate. But the factory for fine wooden toys has been transformed into “the producer of inventive playthings for inquisitive minds.” Games, jewelry, tableware, lamps, or rugs: the HABA range includes around 1,500 items. All have one thing in common: our attention to detail makes each item special and unique. HABA wants to playfully support children’s development, make their lives happier, more exciting, and full of the delight of discovery: to put it simply, to make their world a little more child-friendly. How do we aim to fulfill this high expectation we have placed on ourselves? With first-class quality and safety! Our designers add their impressive imaginations to the mix, and a wide variety of HABA toys and games have been honored with awards for exceptional design. Since 1993, no fewer than seven HABA games received the “Children’s game of the Year” award.

HABA International

Under the HABA name, we sell products from our corporate family in over 50 countries. The 9,500 specialty stores both at home and abroad know us as the “Erfinder für Kinder”, as “Inventori per bambini,” “Opfinder for born”, or “Inventor para niños.” HABA products are also represented at the most important trade fairs world-wide. The international market continues to grow in importance for us.


We took over “Skaneateles Handicrafters” in New York State in 1980. Since then we have been a local presence on the American market. As a marketing company, HABA USA focuses mainly on specialty stores, mail-order companies, and furnishing pre-schools and daycares.


We founded a subsidiary in Egly near Paris in 1993: HABA FRANCE markets our products to specialty stores and daycares, leisure centers and other social institutions.


A subsidiary in Great Britain was founded in 2005. HABA UK markets our products to specialty stores, gift shops and life style shops.


Since April 2011, our subsidiary in Hong Kong has been the first point of contact for our Asian customers. The focus is on building up distribution structures in the following areas: learning centers, specialty retail and school suppliers. In future, the whole of the Asia-Pacific market will be served from Hong Kong.
Purchasing also has a presence here, in order to continue to guarantee a high standard of product safety and to improve delivery capacity.