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The interactive game world

Animal Upon Animal
The hunt for the forgotten artifacts

Age: 5 and up
  • Full of variety: Get immersed in 3 mystical worlds: Polar, canyon, and jungle
  • Epic: Filled with 30 exciting missions, and you can collect 180 magical artifacts
  • Clever: Intuitive movement of the animals
  • Tricky: Countless situations cause difficulty along the way: Couch catapult, pincher zeppelin, giant rotor and many more
  • Exciting: The perfect mix of skill play and physics puzzles
  • Sophisticated: Playtime can be limited for younger adventurers
  • Secure: No advertisements or in-app sales

Counting Raven
Theo the raven discovers numbers

Age: 4 - 6
  • For children ages 4-6
  • Promotes understanding of numbers and quantities with lots of game-play fun and also promotes basic fine motor skills
  • Number range 1-20
  • 4 games in two areas: Number world & play world with 3 educational games
  • Variable settings for the game time and notation of the numbers in the parental controls

Theo the Raven on an Exploration

Age: 3 - 8
  • 3 game areas
  • A ton of game-play fun stimulates all senses
  • Variable settings for play duration in the Parental Controls menu.

The special features of HABA apps

Age-appropriate games:

The HABA apps offer plenty of game-play fun and diverse, fantastic details that promote discovery and learning. The challenges increase as the player's skills increase...this means our apps remain engaging for a long time. Game play is age-appropriate and intuitive.

Design with a passion for detail:

Discovery and play using all senses: Amusing game characters, impressive illustrations, funny sounds, and cool animations bring the game world to life.

Limiting play duration:

The apps from HABA have a Parental Control area in which the adult can set the game duration individually. In addition, the Parental Control area contains instructions and tips for the app's functions.

Sophisticated and secure apps:

The uses and functions of tablets and smartphones open up new design possibilities for games. We are using this potential and, therefore, are creating innovative game worlds for big kids and little kids alike! HABA apps are secure because there are no ads or in-app sales. Potential links cannot be accessed by children.

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